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How to Go From Being Drained and Sleep Deprived to Enjoying Deep & Restful Sleep Again

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  • Reclaim your deep, un-interrupted & restorative sleep
  • Enjoy more energy & better mood
  • Soothe stress, tension & racing thoughts
  • No morning grogginess, feeling hangover or habit-forming ingredients
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Science-Backed Ingredients Seen On

  • Easy
    & Delicious

    Just take 2 flavor-bursting gummies before your bedtime
  • Fall
    & Stay Asleep

    Enjoy deep revitalizing sleep & wake up energized
  • All-Natural &

    Made without synthetic colors, artificial flavors or other chemical nasties
  • 100% Mellow,
    0 High

    Take the edge off without the buzz THC-free & sober lifestyle-safe

Ready to Get Your Sleep Back on Track?

Do you ever feel like insomnia is sucking the life energy right out of you…

Leaving you worn out and depleted…

And making it impossible to enjoy even the simplest things in life?

If you’re ready to uncover the root cause of your sleepless nights…
a simple AND enjoyable 7-second bedtime ritual…
That will make you fall asleep faster, longer and without waking up…

Why Your Broken “Sleep Thermostat” Won’t Let You Sleep

Picture this:

Deep inside your brain, there's a group of nerve cells known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).

It's like the thermostat for your sleep-wake cycle…
“Sleep Thermostat” for short…
Making sure you're awake during the day and asleep at night.
But when something throws it off — like:

  • Working night or rotating shifts
  • Staying up late to binge-watch your favorite show
  • Jet lag from traveling across time zones
  • Artificial light at night
  • Sleep apnea, anxiety or depression

It causes sleep disruption.

And this is MUCH more serious than looking like a zombie the next day...
Because it can quickly spiral into chronic sleep deprivation.
When You Constantly Miss Out on Quality Sleep…
Your Body Pays the Price

Your immune system takes a hit…
Leaving you vulnerable to colds, flu, and viruses.
You're constantly forgetting things and missing deadlines.

Your mood is all over the place too:
 You're irritable and short-tempered.
 And it's not just you who's suffering.

Your loved ones are feeling the effects of your mood swings too.

But the worst part?

Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to serious health problems…
Like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

But luckily, your sleep relief is just around the corner.
Introducing Perfect Sleep Gummies™

Formulated By Leading Sleep Experts to Help You Reclaim Your Sleep, Energy and Vitality

Discover why our gummies are quickly becoming the best-kept secret of medical professionals, parents, top athletes, beauty influencers, shift workers… And anyone in need of quality shut-eye!

Medically Reviewed

Charlie Piermarini

A good night’s sleep is essential for overall health and well-being, but it can be hard to come by. Luckily, Perfect Sleep Gummies can help.
These CBD + CBN gummies are designed to promote relaxation and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Simply use them before bedtime and let the product work its magic.

Real Stories From People Like You

Helped Me Beat Insomnia

“I’ve been waking up every 2-3 hours like clockwork for years.

This is the only thing that helped me beat my insomnia.”

-Patricia L.

Taste Just Like
Fruit Roll-Ups!

“Ever since a pill got stuck in my throat I’ve HATED swallowing them.

These gummies are a lifesaver. They taste just like Fruit Roll-Ups!”

-Courtney W.

I Can Feel Myself

“I’m what you might call a high-strung person. 

These gummies mellow me out to the point I can feel myself unwind.”

-Alex H.


What Makes Our Gummies Unique?

Forget about choking on horse-sized pills that taste like chemicals, “melatonin hangover ” or low-potency gummies that do nothing to fix your sleep.



  • Fragmented sleep

  • Sleep anxiety around going to bed…
    Worrying if and when you’ll get some rest

  • Feeling tired, groggy or sluggish the next day



  • Uninterrupted sleep

  • Comfort, calmness and confidence…

    Knowing you can fall asleep quickly and easily — every time

  • Energy, vitality and alertness during the day

How it works

Discover the easiest, tastiest way to unlock your best sleep ever…
Night after night!


Take 1 serving of 2 gummies 30 minutes before you go to bed


Enter deep relaxation and calmness of your body & mind


Drift into deep, peaceful sleep & wake up refreshed

Even More Raving Reviews!

They Support My
Clean Lifestyle

“I used to have the WORST sleep! My friends suggested I try weed to sleep, but I have always been hesitant. I am just not a drug person. So glad I finally found sleep gummies that actually support my clean lifestyle… And do what they’re supposed to!”

- Adrienne M.

I’m Happier &
More Relaxed

“So I’ve been going through a bad divorce recently and been dealing with tons of anxiety.

Do these make me want to do a jig dance? No. But I noticed I’m happier and more relaxed when I take them.”

- Cathleen O.

By Far the Best
Tasting Gummies

“These are BY FAR THE BEST TASTING gummies out there and perfectly soft enough so I have no issues chewing...

Amazing product!

-Patricia L.

Perfect Sleep Gummies Are For You IF

  • Lack of sleep is affecting your mood, productivity and well-being
  • You keep waking up
    throughout the night
  • You’ve tried other sleep remedies… But nothing has worked for you
  • You’re a
    high-strung person
  • You struggle with
    falling asleep
  • You’re dealing
    with daytime fatigue
  • You battle with anxiety

What’s Inside Our Gummies?

Tired of reading a mile-long list of ingredients on a label?
We like to keep it simple.

Our minimalist

Plant-based formula has only 2 active ingredients

in an optimal ratio…
Giving you the deep sleep you crave— without any extra fluff.


CBN Cannabinol
“Deep Sleep Molecule”

You know how people say that wine gets better with age?

Well, the same goes for cannabinoids — medicinal plant compounds in hemp.

And just like tannins and sugar in wine change over time…

Resulting in a more complex, smoother and mellower drink…

THC — the cannabinoid that gets you high— slowly transforms into a compound called CBN.

And though it’s only 1 molecular bond away from its high-inducing relative[1]...

CBN’s sedating properties don’t make you high…

But trick your brain into sleeping better and longer.

A 2021 study[1] has found that CBN upgraded sleep quality and quantity…
By inducing sleep quickly and improving different sleep stages.

On top of that…

CBN is like a key that unlocks CB1 and CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system (ECS)…

Activating a whole range of other benefits

  • Pain relief in muscle and joints
  • Delays ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Treats glaucoma
  • Protects the brain from stress and inflammation
  • Reduces seizures (anti-convulsant)
  • Fights bacteria
How it works

CBD Cannabidiol

CBD has been making waves thanks to its:

  • Pain-relieving
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-depressant
  • Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties

But did you know that research shows that CBD is more effective than THC in fighting insomnia? 

Not only does it remove common barriers to good sleep — like pain and anxiety… 

But it helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle by influencing the levels of adenosine and dopamine in the brain.


How These 2 Sleep Superheroes Come to Your Help


Imagine trying to get some shut-eye, but you’re feeling restless and can’t relax.

Or maybe your sleep is shallow and you keep waking up.

Now imagine having a tag team of sleep superheroes working together to bring you perfect sleep.

First, CBD comes in with its soothing powers…

Calming your mind and body.

Then, CBN steps up and takes over…

Lulling you into a deep and restful sleep.

Together they work in perfect harmony to help you get the rest you need…

And wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our Difference:
300% More CBN Than the Competitors

Many of our competitors cut production costs with  cheaper low-potency ingredients  (think chamomile or lavender)… 

 Hormone melatonin  that may cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea…

Or their formulations have  low doses of CBD … 

Which has the OPPOSITE effect - making you MORE alert

But the biggest difference?

One serving (2 pieces) of our gummies has a whopping 15 mg of CBN…

Which is around 300% more than other CBN gummies!

And that’s NOT the only difference.

Perfect Sleep
High-potency – 2400 mg CBN+CBD / bottle
15 mg CBN / serving
65 mg CBD / serving
Pectin-based & Gelatine-free
NON-habit forming
No next-day grogginess
3 delicious fruit flavors
Made from American-grown hemp
Made in the USA
Easy to chew

Even More Love For Perfect Sleep Gummies

Just as Good As

“I decided to try these after feeling groggy with other typical OTC options and I’m glad I did.

I don’t want to mess with my hormones by taking melatonin, and this works just as good -

without any side effects or tolerance building.”

- May G.

I Get the Deepest
Sleep of My Life

“ I've been struggling with insomnia forever and a day and have tried everything- from Benadryl to Nyquil to Unisom.

These sleep gummies are the real deal. Trust me when I say they're worth every penny.

I pop two of these about half an hour before I hit the hay, and by that 30-minute marker, I am out completely.

I get the deepest sleep of my life and I don’t wake up groggy at all.”

- Jessie M.

I LOVE They’re

“Melatonin never worked for me personally, so I’m stoked that these do!

As a vegan, I LOVE they’re pectic-based and gelatine free!”

- Marbella B.


Sounds Great! So Why Aren’t There More CBN Gummies Around?

As amazing as CBN is, especially when combined with CBD in precise dosages…
There are 3 major reasons why you don’t see more of it.

    CBN is not as abundant as other cannabinoids. 
    It is usually produced by the degradation of THC over time, making it less available.

    The process of extracting and isolating CBN is complex and expensive.

    Technology for isolating high-quality, lab-tested CBN is still new and in short supply.

But We’re Here to
Shake Things Up

We’re no rookie when it comes to making top-quality CBD products.

For the last 3 years…

We've been the go-to manufacturer behind the best-selling gummy brands you see on Amazon…

And we’ve been making CBD gummies, pain creams and tinctures for medical facilities across the country.

Now, we're excited to bring our insider expertise DIRECTLY to you with our own line of sleep gummies. And the best part? We're cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you by selling directly on our website.

Let’s Sum It Up…
Perfect Sleep Gummies Are:

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Non-Intoxicating
  • Gluten-Free
  • Guilt & Cruelty-Free
  • Solvent-Free
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Tested for Heavy Metals
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Made With Clinically Validated Ingredients
  • Made With Highest-Quality Processing
  • Methods Produced In a GMP-Facility
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Sweeteners
  • Made in the USA from USA-Grown Hemp
  • Bursting With Flavor
  • Backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Backed by Free & Fast Shipping
PLUS —Every Order is Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

That is why we are happy to offer you our ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You MUST be so satisfied with our gummies and how they help you unwind...
Enjoy sound sleep… And wake up refreshed and energized…
That you’ll want to recommend them to your friends and family!
Otherwise we will refund you fully every penny within 30 days of your order date. 

No questions asked. No hassle. No hard feelings.
Free Shipping on all orders

Choose Your Package … 
(Save More When You Buy More)

60 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping
180 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping
120 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping

What Would You Like to Know About Perfect Sleep Gummies?

01. Are these safe? Can I overdose?

Yes, Perfect Sleep Gummies are 100% safe and there are no harmful side effects linked to either CBD or CBN – the only two ingredients in our proprietary formula.
Our gummies are made according to the highest standards in a clean, modern GMP facility in the USA, and are third-party tested.

02. What’s inside these gummies?

Each gummy contains 7.5 milligrams of CBN (cannabinol) from hemp isolate and 33 milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp isolate.
Other ingredients include:
Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Colors and Flavors.


03. Will these gummies get me high?

No. Our gummies are made from CBD and CBN only — both being non-intoxicating cannabinoids – and do not contain THC.
You will feel relaxed and mellow, but you won’t experience any buzz, high or altered state of awareness.

04. How many gummies should I take?

We recommend taking 2 gummies, depending on your individual needs.

05. When should I take these gummies?

For best results, take 2 gummies 30 minutes before bed and chew thoroughly before swallowing.

06. How long before I start to feel sleepy?

While most people report that it takes half an hour before the effects kick in, this varies greatly on factors like:
  • The content of your stomach (if your stomach is full of non-CBD and non-CBN foods, your digestive system has to work harder and longer to break it down
  • The speed of your metabolism
  • Your body composition (body weight, mass)
  • Certain stimuli (stress slows down the digestive process)

07. How much should I order?

Many of our customers prefer to have Perfect Sleep Gummies delivered to their doorstep each month, so they never have to worry about running out.

And since our gummies are 100% safe and without any reported side effects…

Feel free to take them for as long as you want to enjoy deep, restorative and regenerative deep sleep…  And waking up well-rested and full of energy.

08. How are the cannabinoids in these gummies derived?

CBN and CBD cannabinoids inside Perfect Sleep Gummies are derived from the hemp extract from 100% USA-grown hemp.

09. Will these make me fail the drug test?

While we have not had such reported cases and although unlikely, some research suggests that CBD can be converted into THC when exposed to an acidic environment, and potentially could result in a positive drug test result.

It is important to always follow the guidelines and regulations set by your employer regarding drug use and testing.     

If you are unsure about whether Perfect Sleep Gummies could affect your drug test results, we recommend speaking with your employer or a medical professional for further advice.

10. What makes you different from your competitors?

Not only do our gummies contain 300% more benefit-packed CBN cannabinol than most of our competitors use (IF they use CBN at all!)...

But our gummies are proudly made right here in Arizona in our GMP facility (we don’t outsource our production to countries with questionable manufacturing standards) from American-grown hemp…

And we don’t use synthetic colors like FD&C Yellow (tartrazine) linked to ADHD and damaging the DNA, or Red Dye 40 — clinically proven to be contaminated with benzidine or other carcinogens.

11. Do you offer different flavors?

You can choose between three mouth-watering flavors: zesty orange-mango, tangy green apple, and the classic favorite — cinnamon!

12. When can I expect my order?

When you order today, Perfect Sleep Gummies will be shipped to your home or office within 5-8 days by USPS.

13. Walk me through your guarantee again.

You are fully covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Meaning, you MUST be fully satisfied with our product after taking it for 30 days.

If not, we will refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

14. Is this product vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes and yes!
As animal lovers ourselves, we go out of our way to make our products as sustainable and kind to animals and the environment as possible.

Did We Forget Something?

Is there something else you wanted to ask? Let’s talk! 
Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Choose Your Package … 
And Sleep Tight Through the Night!

60 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping
180 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping
120 Perfect Sleep Gummies
100% Money Back Guarantee
Free & Fast Shipping

More Sleep Success Stories!

Melatonin Was Making
My Nightmares Crazier

“My doctor told me to stop taking melatonin because studies show it causes vivid dreams and restless sleep toward the end of the sleep cycle. 

Fortunately, these gummies do the trick without any of those side effects.”

- Mike A.

Without These, I’d
Be Up Till Dawn

“My hubby and I have been relying on these magical sleep gummies for 3 months now. These little treats taste like heaven and work like a charm! As someone who struggles with ADHD-induced insomnia, I can confidently say that without these gummies, I'd be up till dawn, tossing and turning.”

- Kelcey W.

Taste So Good That
It’s Sinful

“These taste so good that it’s sinful! I have to stop myself from eating more and more bcuz they’re just so insanely delicious! 

 Pls don’t ever stop making this delicacy.”

- Hayden K.



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